Halloween Spiders

The bewitching hour or, shall I say, day is about to begin! Tomorrow, kids of all ages will be ditching the norm and changing into another character with their Halloween costumes! Last night, I got the chance to wear my costume for the first time! Can you guess you I was? I’ll give you a picture in the next post. Anyway…..before all the Halloween fun begins, there is still time to make one more decoration! Gather your kids, gather your friends, gather whoever and enjoy making some Halloween Spiders!


Paper or Foam Cups

Acrylic Paint-Black, White, Orange, Green, Red, and Purple

Wiggle Eyes

A Round Sponge

Red and Green Sharpies



8 Pipecleaners-Red, Orange, Purple, and Neon Green


1. Paint circles of the 6 various colors, with round sponge, onto cup. Set aside to dry.

2. Line up all the pipecleaners and cut in half. Bend each half about 1/3 of the way down. Set aside.

3. Glue the wiggle eyes onto the cup. Draw a smile with the red Sharpie and add a tooth with white paint. Use the green Sharpie to draw a circle nose. You can also make dots for cheeks with the various colors.

4. For the legs, poke the shorter end of the pipecleaner into the cup and repeat with the rest, until legs are circling the bottom portion of the cup. Bend the bottom of the long end to create a foot.

Source: http://www.craftown.com/Paper-Cup-Spiders.html?page_number=3Image






No Fighting Allowed at Country Concerts, Y’all

If you are heading to a country concert anytime soon, remember this: no fighting! Otherwise, the country singer might stop the show and break the fight up themselves…and that is exactly what Luke Bryan did.

Following in the footsteps of Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Young, all who have been known to either throw concert goers out or break up a dispute, Bryan found himself doing the same at his concert Friday, October 25th in Tampa. The ‘Do I’ singer stopped the show, handed towels to those in the mess, and ended the fight. He then apologized to the crowd and continued with his show. You go, Luke! 

Source Credit: http://tasteofcountry.com/luke-bryan-breaks-up-fight-video/

Scotty McCreery’s Sophomore Album Makes Billboard Chart History

Leave it to me to find anything and everything Scotty McCreery related. Last week, McCreery scored high on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart, assuming a spot that hasn’t been taken since 1993.

McCreery, with his second album “See You Tonight,” became the second solo male artist to debut at No 1. with his “first non-seasonal sets of original material.” Within a few short weeks, already 52,000 copies of the album have sold. 

In 1993, Billy Ray Cyrus gained this honor, with his album “It Won’t Be the Last.” 

Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/the-615/5770389/scotty-mccreery-luke-bryan-highlight-country-chart-action?mobile_redirection=false

Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas

From Halloween to Christmas, we are covering it all today! Thanks to Parade Magazine, you can join the Robertson gang in celebrating early with an exclusive first listen to one of the songs from Duck Dynasty’s Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. Click on the link below to hear Willie and the rest of the family sing “Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas.”


Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas is available Tuesday, October 29th.