Texas Mums: A Unique Texas Tradition

Texas Mums: A Unique Texas Tradition

Everything is bigger in Texas and that is exactly true when it comes to homecoming and new baby celebrations. Yesterday, a few of my friends and I made a Texas Mum for a friend who is expecting a baby.

A Texas Mum is a traditional Texas decoration that is made mainly for homecomings and new babies. For both, the mums are made out of hard ribbon, bows, and anything related to Texas, the person the mum is for, and just decoration. The bigger the mum, the better!

For homecoming, there used to be a rule that if the mum didn’t rip your shirt, it wasn’t big enough. Now, people hang them around their necks. Some mums have include cowbells, boots, and anything Texan. Each ribbon will have something different on it. For example, one ribbon will have the person’s name, another ribbon their date’s name, another ribbon the date of homecoming, and another ribbon their school, etc. Guys will usually give girls mums in place of a corsages.

For babies, the main layout is the same. Each ribbon could have the baby’s name, the parents’ names, the due date, the actual day the baby is born, the hospital, etc. Baby mums are given to the parents when they head to the hospital and then will hang on the door of the hospital room. Parents are expected to keep their baby’s mum the baby’s entire life.

Texan mums are a fun, unique tradition to Texas. Mums can be funny, big, loud, tacky, and can reflect the person’s or baby’s personality. They are fun to make and in my opinion, other states need to catch onto this tradition. After all, the first Texas Mum started with just a simple flower.

Photo Credit: Country Belle Chic


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