A Southern State of Mind

lynchburg 1

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Country Belle Chic is heading North for the next “A Southern State of Mind” trip! As the heat starts setting in for the summer, road trip to Lynchburg, Virginia anyone?

1. The city was named after its founder, John Lynch. In 1757, Lynch started a ferry system across the James River. Finally in 1852, Lynchburg was made into a city.

2: Tobacco and iron were the chief products of the early days of the town.

3: “City of Seven Hills” is another name for the area.

4: During the Civil War, Lynchburg was a major storage depot and burial ground for soldiers.

5: The Society of Friends (Quakers) were the first religious group to settle in the city.

Tomorrow, we go to Lynchburg’s best attractions!

Source: http://www.lynchburghistoricalfoundation.org/history/


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