A Southern State of Mind

lynchburg 9

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Time to eat! Grab a meal at one of these local hot spots in the city!

lynchburg 10

The Spring House Dining and Reception Hall

Enjoy some comfort food in a fun, outdoor setting.

Source: http://springhouseva.com/

lynchburg 11

Waterstone Fire Roasted Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizzas and pasta? Trust me, chocolate lovers will want to try the warm brownie sundae! It is to die for!

Source: http://www.waterstonepizza.com/

lynchburg 12

Market at Main

Dine on breakfast for dinner with old-time charm and cooking.

Source: http://www.marketatmain.com/

lynchburg 13

Country Kitchen

It’s Southern style food with a smile.You can get everything from chicken to pancakes.

Source: http://www.countrykitchenrestaurants.com/

lynchburg 14

The White Hart Cafe 

Who doesn’t love some fresh coffee to start their day?

Source: http://www.thewhitehartcoffee.com/


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