Just a country belle, living in North Carolina, sharing her love for country music, country life, and the South.

Now, some of you might ask “what is a country belle?” Is there a difference between “country girl” and “Southern belle?” The answer is….no, not really; however, each title has different qualities, but when put together, one can be a country belle.

The definition of a “Southern belle” is a woman who is the perfect example of Southern hospitality, beauty, and charm. A belle is full of generosity, politeness, and knows her manners. As for a country girl, one definition can be a girl who loves being outside, riding horses, and living in wide, open spaces.

So, what makes one a “country belle?” A country belle is a girl who has that sweet tea, Southern hospitality charm and know her manners, yet can rope a horse and walk barefoot everyday of her life. If you haven’t noticed by now, I, as a country belle, love days when I can wear my Lilly dress and carry around all of my monogrammed accessories, but can be just as happy with no make-up on, camo, and riding horses all day long and that, my friends, is why I’m a “country belle.”

Contact us:

Twitter: @countrybellech

E-mail: countrybellechic@gmail.com


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