The Etiquette of “Thank You” Notes

It is an old Southern tradition to write a “thank you” note for, well, just about anything. We write them to thank a person for their hard-work, birthday or Christmas present they gave us, the cake they baked for us, and so on and so on.

You might think it is pretty simple to write a “thank you” note. However, did you know that all notes need to be handwritten, no matter how many you have (trust me, I’ve spent my week writing over 20 for a recent event), and did you know that there is an appropriate amount of time to thank someone, before it’s too late?

Brush up on your “thank you” note etiquette with these five quick steps.

1: Send your thank yous” quickly: two to three weeks after the occasion is perfect timing. Eight weeks is the latest you should send them out.

2: Write your notes on stationary: it is better to use a personalized set and absolutely no notebook or scrap paper.

3: “Thank you very much” should be said only once: be careful not to over thank them.

4: It’s okay to print addresses onto labels to save time; however, if you can hand-write them, the better.

5: The message should be brief and to the point: make sure to point out the reason you are writing the note, the occasion, the gift specifically, and why it’s special and important to you. Never refer to gifts as “money” nor their amounts.