Man Crush Monday, Country Style

August 10

Who doesn’t love a little Chris Young on this Man Crush Monday? Here are my top 5 favorite songs by the “Neon” singer.

“Aw Naw”


“Text Me Texas”


“I’m Comin’ Over”


No Fighting Allowed at Country Concerts, Y’all

If you are heading to a country concert anytime soon, remember this: no fighting! Otherwise, the country singer might stop the show and break the fight up themselves…and that is exactly what Luke Bryan did.

Following in the footsteps of Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Chris Young, all who have been known to either throw concert goers out or break up a dispute, Bryan found himself doing the same at his concert Friday, October 25th in Tampa. The ‘Do I’ singer stopped the show, handed towels to those in the mess, and ended the fight. He then apologized to the crowd and continued with his show. You go, Luke! 

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