A Country Belle’s Southern Beauty Tips

I’m Southern. I like big hair, mascara, and eyeliner. However, maintaining that look takes time and effort. To help ease some of the stress, I follow these five old school Southern beauty tips:

1: Use Vaseline on your eyelids and eyelashes at night, to keep your lids smooth and help your lashes grow.

2: Brush your teeth with a combination of baking soda, toothpaste, and hydrogen peroxide for a pearly white smile. 

3: In the South, it gets hot, no matter what time of the year. To keep your makeup from melting, spray your face with hairspray before leaving the house. 

4: Before applying mascara, brush baby powder onto your lashes. 

5: Petroleum jelly is a fabulous moisturizer. 


DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket

may 8

Mother’s Day is Sunday! Still looking for that perfect gift for your momma? Make her a gift basket, full of her favorite things!

This quick and easy DIY basket is filled with love and surprises. All you have to do is get a cute, fun basket (can be a bucket, jar, or bag) and fill it with her favorites. My present is filled with magazines, candies, and lotion. Lastly, attach a heart-felt card to the handle.

There is nothing better than a gift made from the heart!

Picture Source: Pinterest

A Country Belle’s Tricks and Tips

Keeping up with the everyday cleaning and chores can be challenging, especially when life gets crazy. Make things easier with these 10 tricks and tips.

1: Get rid of carpet stains with an equal combination of hydrogen peroxide, water, and lemon juice.

2: Remove marks on hardwood floors with toothpaste.

3: Toothpaste also comes in handy with polishing shoes.

4: Dust off fan blades with pillowcases.

5: That dirty water ring around the toilet can be erased with an equal mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

6: Use Borax and lemon juice to make that stainless steel sink…well, stainless steel again.

7: Water, baking soda, ammonia (or lemon juice), and vinegar cleans that dirty grout in the kitchen and bathroom.

8: Clean pretty much anything glass with hydrogen peroxide.

9: Sprinkle baby powder on clothes’ stains before washing.

10: Erase water stains with lemons.

Why I’m Scarlett O’Hara


My all-time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind. Many people are familiar with the epic love story of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. What many people don’t know is that this Civil War tale isn’t about a love story between a man and woman, but a love story between a woman and her home–Tara.

Throughout the movie, I can’t help, but notice there are similar characteristics between Scarlett and almost every Southern belle, including myself. Granted most of her tactics and actions aren’t ethical or moral, there are still lessons Scarlett O’Hara can teach us all:

1: Never give up: Scarlett never gave up trying to get what she wanted, she never gave up when the war destroyed Tara, and she never gave up trying to provide for her family.

2: Use your entrepreneurial spirit: During the 1800s, it was uncommon for women to work, let alone create and run a business. Scarlett had an entrepreneurial spirit that helped provide a living.

3: Worry about only what’s important, when you need to: We all know the famous quotes “After all, tomorrow is another day” or “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” She knew when to worry about things that mattered, when to worry about things that didn’t, and at the right time.

4: Family first: Scarlett proclaimed to “lie, cheat, murder, or steal” to make sure her family was safe and provided for after the war. Every Southern belle knows family comes first and you do anything for them.

5: Never forget where you come from: Roots run deep in the South. Whether it was her Irish heritage or Georgia home, Scarlett never forgot her family’s history and where she came from. Knowing your family’s heritage and the place you call home can do wonders for anyone. Home gives you strength when you need it most.


You Can Take a Country Belle Out of the South…

But, you can’t take the South out of the country belle.

Recently, I found two articles on Buzzfeed abouth the South. One is titled “21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up in the South” and the other “21 Things No One Tells You about Leaving the South.” As I read through the articles, I couldn’t help, but think how true most of these points were and how closely they resembled my life.

To narrow things down, I chose my top 5 favorite points (because apparently I love top 5 favorite lists, right?!?) from each list about living and leaving the South.

“21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up in the South”

1. You know you have an accent, too, thank you very much.

2. ‘Y’all’ is the only way you know to address two or more people.

3. Summer is so humid that walking feels more like swimming.

4. For college, you went to either a small, unheard-of liberal arts school or a massive university with 50,000 other kids. (Small unheard-of liberal arts school for me!)

5. You’re still called ‘sweet pea,’ ‘darlin’,’ and ‘honey; when you go home- and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“21 Things No One Tells You about Leaving the South”

1. Manners are something you’ll take with you, but not always get in return.

2. No other tea can come close to the goodness that is homemade sweet tea.

3. When you use Southern sayings like “bless your heart” or “goober,” no one will know what you’re talking about.

4. If you move up North, you’ll have no idea how to deal with a “real” winter.

5. In the end, you know that no matter where your travels take you, the South will always be home.

Sources: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jonmichaelpoff/yall-are-definitely-from-the-south