Christmas in July, Final Day

Today is the last day of our Christmas in July extravaganza! Grab your family together and create a new tradition, all while enjoying some festive holiday tunes.

A Book A Day

image1 (2)

Place 24 wrapped books under the Christmas tree. These books can relate to the meaning of the holiday, favorites of your children, or any type of book you would like. Starting December 1 and going through the 24th, unwrap one of the books each night. Have fun and be creative with this exciting tradition!

Favorite Holiday Songs

Add some Christmas music to your holiday with some of my favorites.

1. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

2. “O Holy Night”

3. “The Christmas Song”

4. “White Christmas”

5. “Christmas in Dixie”

Until next time, have a fantastic Christmas in July! Seems the perfect time to say “Mele Kalikimaka!”


St. Patrick’s Day Fun


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you are wearing green today, so you won’t get pinched. To celebrate this Irish holiday, I thought I would share two quick and easy recipes.

Shamrock Punch:


1 Carton of Lime Sherbet
1 2 Liter of Gingerale


1. Scope the carton of lime sherbet into glasses or a punch bowl.

2: Top with gingerale, allowing to slightly melt before serving.
Shamrock Pretzel Pops:


1 bag Mini Pretzels
1 bag Plain M&Ms (use only green ones)
1 bag Rolo candy
Cake/Cookie Pop Sticks
Green Ribbon
Parchment Paper


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2. Arrange 3 mini pretzels into the shape of a shamrock, with the bottoms grouped together. Repeat this step until your cookie sheet is full of pretzel shamrocks.

3. Place an unwrapped Rolo candy into the center of each pretzel shamrock so that the Rolo is touching all three pretzels.

4.  Put the cookie sheet into the oven and bake for 3-5 minutes or until the caramel gets soft. Remove from oven.

5. Immediately after you remove from oven, do 2 things at once: 1) Place an M&M on the top of the Rolo and 2) insert pop stick into the bottom of the Rolo. Press gently down on the Rolo candy, adjusting the pretzels so that they are still grouped close.

6. Let pops cool completely.

7. Once cool, tie a ribbon bow around the pop stick.



A Country Belle Chic’s 13 Days of Halloween: Day 9

Halloween is getting closer and closer! Test your knowledge with our fun Halloween quiz for day 9.

Are you a spooktacular wiz or need some boo-shing up? (Answers are below, but no peeking!)

1. Which of the following is not a nickname for Halloween?

A: All Hallow’s Eve
B: Witches Night
C: Night of the Spooky
D: None of the Above

2. Where is the self-proclaimed Halloween capital of the world?

A: Salem, Mass.
B: Boston, Mass.
C: Both A & B
D: Anoka, Minn.
E: Both A & D

3. Halloween has been thought to be around for over how many years?

A: 100 years
B: 6,000 years
C: 5,000 years
D: 250 years

4. The tradition of craving Jack-o-Lanterns comes from what type of folklore?

A: English
B: German
C: Celtic
D: Russian

5. The fear of Halloween is called what?

A: Samhainophobia
B: Heortophobia
C: Dentrophobia
D: Leporiphobia

Source: Quiz created by Country Belle Chic with facts taken from:

1: C
2: E
3: B
4: C
5: A

A Country Belle Chic’s 13 Days of Halloween: Day 2

For day 2 of our 13 Days of Halloween, I thought I would share a very cute and fun craft for floating ghosts. Boo!

day 2


1 Liter Bottle
Cheese Cloth
Old Towel
Scrap piece of felt
White Styrofoam ball
Hair dyer
1. Cover your work area with a towel, things might get a little messy.
2. For the ghost form, shove the Styrofoam ball on top of the bottle.
 3. Next, lay the cheese cloth over your ghost form. Spray it down with starch, you can use a spray bottle to help. The more starch the stiffer your ghost.
4. Use the hair dryer to help make the drying time faster. Once it is completely dry, pull it off of your form and glue on some felt eyes and decorate as you wish.