DIY Monogrammed Burlap Clipboard


Burlap and monograms? I’m all in.

Test your hand in making this cute and fun craft!


Unfinished Wooden Frame

Flat Burlap Canvas 8×10

Unfinished Wooden Letters in style of choice

Small Unfinished Wooden Buttons

3 Different Paint Colors

Paint Brush

Glue Gun and Gluesticks

Small Wooden Clothespin


1. Paint the frame, clothespin, letters, and buttons with the color of your choice. Set aside to dry.

2. Place the burlap canvas inside the frame, just as you would a picture.

3. Attached the letters to the top of the frame, using the glue gun. Then, glue the buttons to the bottom.

4. Glue the clothespin anywhere you would like on the burlap.


Source: Pinterest

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