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august 19

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Growing Up Southern


You can’t imagine living anywhere but the South.

I recently came across the article “37 Thing Growing Up in the South Taught You” from The Odyssey. The article lists 37 unique things about this region of the United States. There are some items I agree with and others I think could have been written better.

So, instead of rewriting the list (that will be another post in a few days), I picked out a few of my favorites to share with y’all:

1. The importance of calling your momma.

2. The beauty of sweet tea.

3. Fried chicken is the best kind of chicken.

4. If a man doesn’t open the door for you on the first date, dump him.

5. You are never too old to go home for just a weekend… or just a meal.

To view the complete list, visit: http://theodysseyonline.com/baylor/37-things-growing-south-taught/92062 .

A Country Belle’s Southern Fall Bucket List

“Life starts all over again when the air gets crisp in the fall.” -The Great Gatsby

My favorite time of the year is fall. The colors get brighter, the weather gets cooler, and a sense of down home country comfort is in the air. Every fall, there are many traditions that my family and I make sure we do before winter comes.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite fall traditions, listed below. Do you have a southern fall bucket list?

A Country Belle’s Southern Fall Bucket List 

1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

2. Go trick-or-treating for canned goods for a local foodbank on Halloween.

3. Build a bonfire and cook s’mores. Talk about something yummy in the tummy.

4. Cheer on a SEC team. Who doesn’t love the Ole Miss Rebels and Tennessee Volunteers? 🙂

5. Count your blessings each day in November, leading up to Thanksgiving.

6. Share what you are most thankful for on Thanksgiving, before eating.

7. Take a trip to Mount Airy, NC and visit the Autumn Leaves Festival. (And see the town that inspired Mayberry, NC on the classic television show The Andy Griffith Show.)

8. Go to the Dixie Classic Fair. Everything can be deep-fried, right?

9. Carve a pumpkin.

10. Drink hot chocolate on a hayride.

11. Watch a scary Halloween movie.

12. Cook a gumbo.

13. Bake anything and everything pumpkin. Classic family recipe, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, will change your life! (Anyone want the recipe?)

14. Visit one of your high school’s football games.

15. Take a photo in a pile of leaves.