Happy Wednesday, y’all!




Southern Words

“I’m fix’n to give you some sugar so your day will stop being caddywampus.”

Now, some people above the Mason-Dixon line might not understand the meaning of that sentence, but around here, we all know it means “I’m going to give you a kiss so your day will stop being sideways.”

Southerners are known for their creative language and use of phrases. We like to drop the ‘g’ on words ending with ‘-ing’ and we sometimes like to sugarcoat things by saying “bless your heart” or “we need to pray for them.”

Below are some famous southern words and phrases that only a select group of people know their true meanings. Do you?

Y’all-More than one person


Clicker-Remote Control

Hold your horses- Settle down

Coke-A carbonated beverage

Playing Possum-Pretending to be asleep or dead


She could eat corn through a picket fence-One with very large teeth

Sugar-A kiss

That dog will hunt-That’s a good idea

Coon’s Age-A long time

Fix’n to-About to do something